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51 Best Gifts for Writers, According to Professional (and Hobby) Writers

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Writers are fairly easy to give gifts to—we like notebooks and pens and books (imagine that). But if you want to go beyond the ordinary, tired gifts for writers then this is the gift guide for you. We’ve delved into the far corners of the internet in search of the best gifts for writers from romance authors to content writers. We’ve curated a little something for everyone.

As professional writers ourselves, we know what writers want and why they want it. Let us guide you to the perfectly stuffed stocking or intricately wrapped present for the writer nearest and dearest to you.

Ahead, we have curated the 51 best gifts for writers that your writer friends will want to write home about. (That was cheesy, sorry.)

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1. Premium-Quality Notebook

Best Overall Gift for Writers

We Recommend: Dingbats Medium Notebook

You should gift this if you’re not sure what your writer friend or family member would like. You can’t go wrong with a notebook.

Why They’ll Love It: Every writer needs a high-quality notebook but it’s one of those things as a writer you’re unlikely to splurge on.

This quintessential writing gift will be enjoyed by any writer no matter the type. You can never have enough journals as a writer, and this is doubly true of high-quality journals. We love the Dingbats Medium Notebook because of its durability and premium-quality feel. It’s available in a variety of colors with different animals emblazoned on the cover from a tiger in bright orange to an elephant in charcoal gray. You can purchase this journal with lined, dotted, plain, or square (grid) interior pages.

It is 100% vegan certified and is filled with FSC-certified paper. Did we mention the micro-perforated cream interior pages are simply a luxury to write on?

2. Under Desk Elliptical

Best Splurge Gift for Writers

We Recommend: Cubii GO Under Desk Elliptical New, Total Body+ With Resistance Bands

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for doesn’t want to give up precious writing hours but wants to put hours back into getting fit. If they constantly mention how they want to work out more but can’t seem to find the time then this is an excellent gift.

Why They’ll Love It: This is a splurgy item, making it a perfect gift for someone who might not invest as highly into their own health. As writers, we sit a lot and have to exchange writing hours for workout time. With an under-desk elliptical, your writer family or friend won’t need to give up writing time in the name of fitness.

We really love the Cubii GO Under Desk Elliptical because it has all the bells and whistles. It’s not only lightweight and easily moved, but it can also be used as both an elliptical and a rowing machine. There’s a lot to love about it with its fancy LCD monitor that shoes resistance, calories, distance, strides, and active time. It even has Bluetooth connectivity to help you track your progress in fitness apps.

3. A Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Best for the Writer On the Go

We Recommend: Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

You should gift this if the person you’re buying for is constantly traveling without the means to bring along a laptop.

Why They’ll Love It: Foldable Bluetooth keyboards allow for writing on the go without needing a laptop. Foldable keyboards are small enough to easily be carried in a pocket or small purse.

The Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is available in black, pink, and silver. It’s compatible with tablets, laptops, PCs, and smartphones (iOS, Android, and Windows). This particular model has 40 hours of continuous charge for those particularly serious writing sessions. The quiet keys on this foldable model allow you to work on planes, trains, and anywhere else you want to get work done without bothering others.

4. Writing-Related Lego Set

Best for the Kid at Heart

We Recommend: LEGO Ideas Typewriter Set for Adults

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for already loves legos and has a thing for typewriters.

Why They’ll Love It: This LEGO set results in a beautiful typewriter that sounds like the real thing and has moving parts. Very few will splurge on a set like this which makes it the perfect gift.

We love the LEGO Ideas Typewriter Set for Adults because it is not only an experience (and challenge) to build, it makes for a nostalgic shelf-piece. Your favorite writing friend or family member can display this next to the copies of their published books or finished manuscripts.

5. Mechanical Keyboard

Best Practical Gift

We Recommend: Anne Pro 2

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is in need of a practical keyboard they can take on the go easily without the hassle of wires.

Why They’ll Love It: Typing on a mechanical keyboard is a very tactical and satisfying experience compared with, say, a Mac keyboard which is rather flat and lacking.

We love that the Anne Pro 2 can be easily taken along to coffee shops or on work trips thanks to its short and compact size. It can be used with Bluetooth or wired with USB-C which adds to the convenience. This keyboard is also exceptionally easy to type on.

It comes in black or white.

6. Pencil Organizer

Best for a Coworker

We Recommend: Choices and Change Shabby Chic Vintage Typewriter Pencil Organizer

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for doesn’t already have a cute pencil organizer on their desk or is constantly inundated with pens and pencils scattered everywhere.

Why They’ll Love It: Modern writers have a natural inclination toward typewriters. Maybe it’s the aesthetic, maybe we’re born with it. Either way, this vintage typewriter pencil organizer will be a welcome desk addition for any writer.

This desk organizer is made with polyresin and comes in a gift box ready to go.

7. Footrest For Under Desk

Best for Posture-Conscious Writers

We Recommend: ComfiLife Foot Rest

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for complains about back, hip, or leg pain or worries about poor posture from hours at a keyboard day after day.

Why They’ll Love It: This footrest is truly a game changer for writers (and any desk worker to be honest). It improves posture and can help alleviate back and hip pain.

Made with memory foam and adjustable to two height options, this footrest is an excellent addition to a writer’s workspace. It even doubles as a rocker when you flip it over! The ComfiLife Foot Rest comes in three colors: black, gray, and navy. Personally, we use the gray version here at She’s Got Plans.

8. Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard

Best Nostalgia-Inducing Gift

We Recommend: ZYQM Retro Typewriter Mechanical Wireless and Wired Keyboard

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for someone who already has a solid keyboard but likes to shake things up a bit from time to time. These typewriter-inspired keyboards can be a bit tiring to write on from my experience but they definitely put you in that posh, retro writer headspace.

Why They’ll Love It: This retro keyboard gives you the typewriter look without the typewriter hassle. You’ll experience seven different backlit color options and five brightness levels.

I have an older version of the Basaltech Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and I love using it but it definitely doesn’t have the same genuine look as the ZYGM version.

9. Bluelight Glasses

Best for Writers with Eyestrain

We Recommend: BOSSWIN Bluelight Glasses 5 Pack

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for rubs their eyes a lot and complains of headaches after a day of writing on the computer.

Why They’ll Love It: Eyestrain is a pain and it can make a writer sesh a nonstarter. Bluelight glasses will protect their eyes and keep them in tip-top condition to put in more hours at the keyboard without suffering the consequences.

Just a note: Ask yourself first if the person you’re shopping for wears glasses on the daily. If so and they need glasses for close work then bluelight glasses may not be the right gift. Bluelight filters can be added to prescription glasses and they might already have those! Bluelight glasses are best for those who don’t wear glasses, don’t wear them while working, or use contacts instead.

10. Coffee Sampler

Best for Undercaffeinated Writers

We Recommend: Bean Box World Coffee Tour

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for loves sampling different coffees and can’t get through their day without at least one (or four) cups.

Why They’ll Love It: They’ll get to travel the globe with their words and the contents of their coffee mug with a sampler of world coffee from different regions.

This gift set comes with 16 whole-bean coffees from different regions. Although, Bean Box has plenty of additional curated coffee gifts to pick from if the World Coffee Tour doesn’t feel like the right fit. (This gift is nicely paired with a pretty mug.)

11. Writers Helping Writers Series

Best Useful Writing Gift

We Recommend: The Entire Series

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is a fiction writer who loves useful writing gifts they’ll turn to on a daily basis.

Why They’ll Love It: These thesauruses are eternally useful and can get you out of a writing rut in a snap. The information included isn’t easily looked up online and that’s what makes them so valuable to have on your shelf as a writer.

I honestly can’t recommend these books enough. The Emotion Thesaurus is the most well-known of the bunch but there are nine in total. If you don’t want to purchase the entire set, go with The Emotion Thesaurus, The Conflict Thesaurus (Vol 1), and The Conflict Thesaurus (Vol 2). These are books I include in my must-own category for writing books and if your writer friend doesn’t already own a copy then they are surely missing out.

If you do want to go all out, the other books in the series are:

  • The Negative Trait Thesaurus
  • The Positive Trait Thesaurus
  • The Rural Setting Thesaurus
  • The Urban Setting Thesaurus
  • The Emotional Wound Thesaurus
  • The Occupation Thesaurus

While these other thesauruses are surely useful, you can see why they aren’t quite as useful as my three go-tos. The Emotion Thesaurus gives you descriptors that aid in writing different emotions more thoroughly. This includes physical reactions, behaviors, facial features, internal reactions, and more. Every writer can benefit from that but not every writer will benefit from The Rural Setting Thesaurus. It just depends on what projects your giftee has in the pipeline.

12. Light Therapy Lamp

Best for the Writer Who Doesn’t Get Out Enough

We Recommend: Verilux® HappyLight® Luxe

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for seems a little down or tends to stay cooped up in a dark office for long swaths of time while on deadline.

Why They’ll Love It: Not getting enough sunlight can have a serious impact on your mental health. As writers, we sometimes forget to put our health and mental wellbeing, especially when we’re sucked into a writing project. A light therapy lamp can actually boost mood, improve energy, enhance focus, and encourage better sleep.

We think the Verilux® HappyLight® Luxe is the best option thanks to its many options. There are four brightness levels, three color temperature hues, and a timer that maxes out at one-hour and is adjustable at five-minute increments.

This model is available in three colors: champagne gold, white, and white marble. Personally, we think champagne gold gives the most luxe appearance.

13. Book Subscription Box

Best for the Bookworm

We Recommend: Book of the Month

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for constantly has their nose in a book.

Why They’ll Love It: A book subscription box will give them a new curated book (or two, or three!) on a monthly basis. Most boxes include new books. As a writer, it’s important to be up-to-date on the latest releases and this is an easy way to do so.

I recommend Book of the Month as I have been a devoted subscriber for over two years now. They offer a wide variety of options every month, with five to seven books to pick from plus add-on options. Book of the Month includes all genres. (Some say they skew toward thriller books and romance novels, however, that’s not necessarily the case. I broke it all down in my in-depth review of Book of the Month.)

Book of the Month offers three, six, and twelve-month gift package options. But, if this doesn’t seem like the right option then I would recommend Once Upon a Book Club or Literati.

14. Comfy Writing Outfit

Best for the Hygge Loving Writer

We Recommend: MEROKEETY Women’s Oversized Batwing Sleeve Lounge Set

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for can never find anything comfy to wear and is always fidgeting with their clothes.

Why They’ll Love It: Writing in uncomfortable clothing isn’t a great time. And while we can all get behind the concept of putting yourself together to feel put together, sometimes the furthest you want to take that ideology is a matching lounge set.

Obviously, this should be customized to the individual. I just picked something I would definitely want in my writer’s day in wardrobe selection. Throw in a blanket or a pair of slippers and you’ve got yourself a practical gift that isn’t completely tied to a writer’s status as a, well, writer.

15. The Storymatic Classic

Best for the Writer Who’s Creative Well Has Run Dry

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is always trying out new ideas to spur their inspiration or uses a number of odd tools and decks to spark a new book concept.

Why They’ll Love It: It’s a new toy to get their creative juices flowing. Plus, it can double as a good addition for game nights or even as a teaching tool if they have small children.

The Storymatic Classic includes 540 cards to spark creativity and kick writer’s block to the curb. This is especially useful for younger writers who want to stretch their writing legs with lots of different prompts without putting too much thought into coming up with the original concept.

16. Productivity Timer

Best Writers Who Like to Sprint

We Recommend: Mooas Multi Cube Rotating Timer

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for loves the Pomodoro technique for productivity and is a big fan of writing sprints to hit their word count goals.

Why They’ll Love It: Simple timers with pre-set times are perfect for writing sprints and keep you from using your phone (distraction station) for setting timers.

The Mooas Multi Cube Rotating Timer comes in five colors, each with four pre-set times. Mint, neon coral, violet, white, and yellow are the vibrant options you get to pick from. The pre-set times for Mint are 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. Neon coral has 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 50 minutes, and 60 minutes options. Violet offers 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes. White gives the pres-set times of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. Finally, yellow has the pre-set times of 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes.

As a writer, I personally find most of us do springs that align best with the Violet version of this timer. However, if the giftee like the Pomodoro technique then the white version will more closely align with the recommended sprint times of that productivity method.

17. Subscription to Campfire

Best for Worldbuilders

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is a die-hard worldbuilder who creates vast fantasy worlds. It’s also ideal for those who are game masters.

Why They’ll Love It: This tool has so much versatility. Their top-selling modules are manuscripts, characters, timelines, locations, and relationships. However, they have other modules like philosophies, cultures, languages, and magic that is all incredibly useful for the writer plotting out in-depth and complex worlds.

If you’re going to gift a subscription to Campfire then I highly, highly, highly recommend going with lifetime access. Otherwise, the giftee will be stuck having to renew on a yearly basis or risk losing all their hard work. Luckily, you don’t have to buy every module Campfire offers as everything can be purchased on a per-module basis. The giftee can then expand their subscription from there.

18. Stephen King’s On Writing

Best for Fans, Admirers, and Aspiring Writers Who Want Advice

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is getting started in writing or is a younger writer (older teenager or young adult).

Why They’ll Love It: We don’t all get the chance at learning from one of the best but that’s the benefit of masterclasses, craft books, and memoirs. For the writer who respects Stephen King’s work, this is an excellent gift.

I remember reading this back when I was working on my creative writing minor. On a college kid budget, I picked up a beat-up version of it printed way back in 2000 from a used bookstore and it’s lived on my shelf ever since. The book covers King’s life and writing journey as well as practical advice on craft and tools. It’s a story in itself and now that I’ve pulled the copy off my shelf to write up this section I might just go ahead and give it another read.

19. Pencil Loops or Pencil Sleeve

Best Stocking Stuffer

We Recommend: Diodrio Adjustable Elastic Band Pen Holder

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is constantly looking for lost pens and pencils.

Why They’ll Love It: With a pencil loop or pencil sleeve, they can tote around their notebook without fear of losing their favorite writing utensil.

The Diodrio Adjustable Elastic Band Pen Holder comes in black, mint, pink, and rose gold. It can be adjusted to varying-sized notebooks which is great for the writer who quickly jumps from one notebook to the next.

Personally, I’d go for a pencil sleeve over a pencil loop because I find them to be sturdier. However, you can get packs of pencil loops that will allow for multiple journals to be in progress at once, never without a handy pen beside it.

20. Floating Plant Pot

Best Office Decor

We Recommend: Avviso Technologies Levina Floating Plant Pot

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for needs to spruce up their office and has a flare for modern and unusual decor pieces.

Why They’ll Love It: Floating plants are cool. That’s it, that’s the whole reason.

This is a gift a writer would enjoy adding to their office space that doesn’t scream, “I Googled ‘best gifts for writers’ and this was the first option.” It’s eye-catching and the plant not only floats but it also spins. Elegant and modern, all thanks to the magic of magnets.

21. Writer Emergency Pack

Best for White Elephant With Your Writing Buddies

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for has been complaining of writer’s block recently.

Why They’ll Love It: This pack of illustrated idea cards will help your writer friend with suggestions and tips. It can even be used for classroom purposes which is great for the writer friend who also teaches workshops or writing classes.

Writers’ biggest woe is writer’s block, which is why we often build up our defenses in advance. The Writer Emergency Pack is another weapon to add to any writer’s artillery.

22. MasterClass Membership

Best for the Lifelong Learner

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is always going to workshops and watching interviews with well-known authors.

Why They’ll Love It: They’ll get advice from true masters of the writing craft.

MasterClass is one of my favorite professional development tools as a writer. This company keeps rolling out new classes from new MasterClasses to different structures (Sessions and Talking Shop). Not everything is writing related and I think that is actually a great thing. There are currently over 180 classes on the site and of those 20 are dedicated to writing. But I like to point out that, as writers, we are constantly learning about different areas to make our writing richer and this is an excellent way to do that.

I’m a true fangirl of MasterClass but I am currently not an affiliate for them so this is just me genuinely recommending this product. I have a thorough review of MasterClass on She’s Got Plans that you can review for more information.

23. Starbucks Giftcard (Or Another Coffee Shop)

Best for Those Who Like to Write in Public

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for loves going to a coffee shop to get their writing time logged.

Why They’ll Love It: A gift card can cover a few trips to their favorite coffee shop cost-free for them.

Starbucks is a common place for writers to go to work on their projects. Offering a gift card might be an overly simplified gift and feel a bit low effort but that doesn’t mean the giftee won’t enjoy it. You could also swap out Starbucks for a different local shop you know they absolutely love. Even better you could split the cost between two or three different spots they haven’t been to as a way to let them try out different writing spots on you.

24. Tea Sampler Set

Best for Tea-Drinking Writers

We Recommend: Novel Tea Book Lover’s Tea

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for always picks tea over coffee.

Why They’ll Love It: Tea sampler packs introduce tea drinkers to new options they may not normally reach for (and isn’t that the whole point of a gift to begin with?).

We especially love the Novel Tea Book Lover’s Tea because it has tags with literary quotes. It is made with English Breakfast tea so you aren’t getting anything crazy to try out. If you’re looking for samples rather than branding, check out Tea Forte’s Tea Chest with 20 different teas.

25. Bag

Best for the Traveling Children’s Book Author

We Recommend: Bomeiqee Writers Messenger Wood Box

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is on the road quite frequently and likes to style themselves eclectically.

Why They’ll Love It: You certainly don’t want to lug everything around for your journey without containing it in a bag. A new bag gives your writer friend an option for staying creative on the go.

We think this is such an interesting bag as it’s not only got a sturdy shell but it can be used to easily work no matter where you are by setting it up as a sort of transportable desk. This is definitely a good option for the writer who draws and sketches things. I’m thinking a children’s book author who doubles as an illustrator.

26. Library Stamp

Best for the Writer Who Has a Full Bookshelf

We Recommend: Pickled Stamps Store

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for has more books on their shelves than you’ve read in your entire life.

Why They’ll Love It: There’s something about leaving your mark on the books that line your shelves. Plus, if they’re one to lend books then they know the return rate can be low. Marking their books with a library stamp ups the odds that their tomes will be returned to them in a timely manner.

We love the design options offered by Picked Stamps for their library stamps. You have three stamp options to choose from or you could go with one of their embossers instead. Pickled Stamps also has a few additional library stamp options that are more gender-neutral and nature-inspired rather than floral.

27. Beat Sheet Book for Plotting and Story Structure

Best for Any Writer, Anywhere

We Recommend: Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is stuck in the plotting phase or complains about struggling with the story structure of their WIPs.

Why They’ll Love It: Beat sheet books give writers the clarity they need to see through the complexities of their story idea and iron out the plot based on general storytelling structures.

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel is an essential book that started with its predecessor Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need! which is a book written for screenwriters. This is a top three favorite writing craft book. I turn to it at least once during every writing project. It’s essential that’s all there is to it and if you’re dead set on giving your writer friend a writing book then it should be this one.

More recently, we’re talking 2021 and 2022, the series has been expanded to include Save the Cat! Writes for TV and Save the Cat!® Beat Sheet Workbook: How Writers Turn Ideas Into Stories.

28. Romance Beat Sheet Book

Best for Romance Authors

We Recommend: Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for desperately wants to start writing romance.

Why They’ll Love It: Romance beat sheets are the blueprint every romance writer needs to study before finding their footing in the romance writing realm. Beat sheets in romance are pretty set in stone and as a romance writer, they’ll need to understand the expected beats to find success in the genre.

Romancing the Beat is the best-known and most commonly recommend romance writing book for those just starting out. Keep in mind, however, it’s a tiny itsy-bitsy book. You’ll definitely want to get them a little something extra alongside this book. If they want to go spicy and your relationship won’t become awkward by gifting it, you could add in a copy of Thinking Like a Romance Author by Dahlia Evans.

29. Vintage (or Not-So-Vintage) Typewriter

Best Vintage Gift

We Recommend: Royal 79119Q Classic Manual Typewriter

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for has always dreamed of owning a typewriter but would never buy it for themselves.

Why They’ll Love It: There’s just something about a typewriter that writers seem to gravitate toward. Maybe it’s the vintage aesthetic or maybe it’s the lack of internet distractions. Even if this gift mostly lives on their shelves, it’s a pretty cool item that many writers would never purchase for themselves due to its frivolous nature.

The Royal 79119Q Classic Manual Typewriter is a good option if you want to give the typewriter experience with all the functionality. These typewriters were made to be used in modern times. Depending on the person you’re gifting this to, you may want to go the true vintage route. A vintage typewriter may have less functionality but it will be a stellar display piece in any writer’s office.

30. Final Draft

Best for the Screenwriter

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is actively working on screenwriting projects and is closing in on becoming a professional in the field.

Why They’ll Love It: Final Draft is a software widely used by film and television productions, making it an industry standard for any aspiring screenwriter. If your giftee hopes to one day work professionally in the TV or movie industry then this is a software they’ll want to learn.

Final Draft is a writing software for screenwriters. It has a night mode, track changes abilities, and collaboration features. Some of the more intriguing features are the Altaernatue Dialogue which allows you to store different versions of lines, as well as, Dual Dialogue which allows you to showcase two characters speaking simultaneously. It allows for paginations to industry formats and offers over 300 templates for everything from teleplays to graphic novels and immersive storytelling to screenplays.

31. Waterproof Notepad

Best Gag Gift

We Recommend: Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for claims all their best ideas happen in the shower (and then they forget about them after they get out).

Why They’ll Love It: Aqua Notes, whether they use them or not, eliminate the problem of losing good ideas between the time you start scrubbing to the time you’re drying off.

Aqua Notes can be attached to smooth surfaces, like shower tiles, thanks to its suction cups. It features perforated pages and is eco-friendly with vegetable-based ink.

32. Levitating Lightbulb Lamp

Best Desktop Lamp

We Recommend: Floatidea Levitating Light Bulb Lamp

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for doesn’t have a good light source in the area they like to put words to paper.

Why They’ll Love It: This lamp is a great gift for the writer who has it all but could use an upgraded office.

The Floatidea Levitating Light Bulb Lap comes in silver and includes a wireless phone charging base. This lamp has accidental touch, is windproof, and has power outage protection to prevent the bulb from falling. The only downfall is you’ll have to purchase new bulbs directly from the store as it is a specific type of bulb capable of creating the levitation effect.

33. Book-Themed Candle

Best Household Good

We Recommend: Paddywax Library Collection

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for loves candles almost as much as they love writing.

Why They’ll Love It: Your favorite writer can channel their favorite writer while burning one of these author-inspired candles.

The Paddywax Library Collection are soy-based candles with a 60-hour burn time. Each features a different scent and a different writer. Some of the featured writers include Louisa May Alcott (Cherry Blossoms and Ivy), Charles Dickens (Tangerine, Juniper, and Clove), and Mark Twain (Tobacco Flower and Vanilla). The candles showcase a famous quote from each of the writers on the label.

Another alternative is the Noble Objects Candles which feature different books rather than writers. Some of the featured books include Catcher in the Rye, Oliver Twist, and Little Women. These candles feature a 45-hour burn time and are soy-based.

34. Travel Gift Card for Solo Writing Retreat

Best for the Writer Who Desperately Needs a Break

We Recommend: Airbnb Gift Card

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for can’t seem to focus at home or desperately needs to refill their creative well.

Why They’ll Love It: Busy writers who are bombarded with life and responsibilities at home will find the most benefit in a solo writing retreat.

The average cost of an Airbnb for one night for one person is roughly $125. This largely depends on the Airbnb location, time of year, and quality of the Airbnb itself. We’ve traveled Airbnb many times before which is why I recommend it. However, I have heard some negative changes to the quality of Airbnbs over the previous year. You would also consider going with a hotel gift card, Vrbo gift card, or even something like Roomcard.

This gift would be especially cute as part of a writing retreat bundle or basket. You can custom design it with things the giftee would like including writing gloves, cozy slippers, and a writer’s block breaker like the Creative Block mentioned below.

35. Creative Block

Best for the Creatively Blocked Writer

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for likes to use physical writing tools to fill their creative well.

Why They’ll Love It: This tool is a simple writing blockbuster. All these need to do is simply pull a card and follow the instructions.

There are plenty of writing tools both physical and digital, with more hitting the market each year. We like the Creative Block because of its simple design and easy storage. It’s easy to keep this within reach on your desk without it being an eyesore. The creator, Laurie, is an author herself and actually created Creative Block from the advice she collected while completing her own novel.

36. Writing Gloves

Best for Writers In Cold Climates

We Recommend: Peter Pan Writing Gloves by Storiarts

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is always cold. We’re talking running a space heater, bundled in hoodies, and using a lap blanket at any and all times.

Why They’ll Love It: Writing gloves are essentially blankets for your hands. Well, they’re fingerless gloves. For the writer who suffers from cold hands, you can eliminate their writing kryptonite so they can get back to their manuscript.

Storiarts has a whole slew of writing gloves featuring different famous works. The only thing to keep in minds is that this line of writing gloves tends to run small and may not work well for someone with larger hands.

37. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Best for the Hot Coffee Drinker

We Recommend: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for enjoys hot coffee or tea.

Why They’ll Love It: Never again will they need to interrupt a writing session to heat up cold coffee.

Writers and caffeine go hand in hand. If your writing friend is a hot coffee or tea drinker then a temperature control mug is an excellent luxury gift. These will keep their favorite beverage from going cold during long writing sessions.

An alternative budget option that we’ve bought a gifted ourselves is the VOBAGA Imitation Wood Grain Coffee Cup Warmer. These mug warmers allow the giftee to use their favorite mugs rather than just the one with the temperature control features.

38. The Storrior Box

Best for Aspiring Screenwriters

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for dreams of one day becoming a successful screenwriter and watching their creations leap to life on the big screen.

Why They’ll Love It: Opening a subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving. Rather you gift a one-off experience or give them a yearlong subscription, busting into one of these bad boys is fun (especially when they know the entire box is catered to their writing interests).

I love that the Storrier Box offers plenty of options beyond ordering the monthly box (which is actually out of stock at the time of writing). You can purchase single boxes or even build your own box.

39. Laptop

Best for the Writer Who Needs to Enter This Century

We Recommend: Apple 2022 MacBook Air

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for has been holding onto their old laptop from years ago despite its tendency to crash during every writing session.

Why They’ll Love It: A new laptop allows for the newest writing software, better functionality, and writing sessions free from crashing computers.

We like the MacBook Air Laptop and find it to be the best laptop for writers of all kinds. It’s what we personally use as our laptop of choice for all our on-the-go or outside-of-the-home-office writing.

40. Writer’s Toolbox

Best for Those Motivated by Gamification

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is a newer writer who likes board games and gamification as a productivity tool.

Why They’ll Love It: This toolbox makes writing a game instead of a chore.

This is yet another writers block tool. (We told you there are a bunch!) This one, in our opinion, is great for the young writer or even for the parent trying to instill the love of storytelling into their child.

41. Book on Character Development

Best for Writers of Character-Driven Stories

We Recommend: Writer’s Guide to Character Traits by Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D.

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is a writer of heavily character-driven stories.

Why They’ll Love It: This book gets into the nitty gritty of traits from a variety of relationship dynamics, backgrounds, and more. With this writing guide, they’ll be able to bring their characters to life as never before.

Writing realistic characters, especially those whose experiences you may not have first-hand experience with yourself, can be improved with in-depth research. This book helps you get it right without as much deep-diving so you can focus on your words.

42. ProWritingAid

Best for Writers Without an Editor

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for already uses Hemingway or Grammarly but wishes they did more.

Why They’ll Love It: This hefty writing tool includes features like data visualization to better understand their writing style and writing reports. It also has learning elements that allow you to use its resources to up your understanding as you’re working through edits on your manuscript.

ProWritingAid is an incredible tool that I see mentioned often in my various writing circles and that I myself have used.

Personally, I always recommend going the lifetime access route, especially if gifting. It pays for itself in 20 months if you were planning to go the monthly route or within five years if you were going to pick a yearly plan.

43. Kindle

Best for Readers Who Are Out of Bookshelf Space

We Recommend: Kindle Scribe

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for reads an ungodly amount of books or wants to keep up to date on the writing competition in the indie space.

Why They’ll Love It: Kindles allow writers to keep up to date on the latest book releases without their homes being overtaken by physical books. For self-published authors, Kindle allows for an easier way to keep up with competitors and read what’s on the everchanging bestsellers list by indie authors like them.

The newest Kindle, the Kindle Scribe has additional writing features for annotation. For the person who loves to mark up books, this is a great way to go digital without losing out on the fun of leaving yourself notes.

44. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Best for the Kindle Owner

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for owns a Kindle and enjoys reading from a wide selection of authors, especially ones that aren’t super well-known.

Why They’ll Love It: Kindle Unlimited offers a wide selection of ebooks to pick from for readers who can’t afford to buy every book in a physical format.

I’ve used Kindle Unlimited for the previous year or so, and I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with it prior to that. Kindle Unlimited is a way for me to read other indie authors in the spaces I’m writing. I don’t use it for my recreational reading but rather for market research more or less. If the person you are buying for is an indie author, this is an excellent tool they can use to learn more about the spaces they’re writing within, which believe it or not, aren’t necessarily the genres they read in just for funsies.

45. Inspirational Creative Book

Best Writer Self-Help Book

We Recommend: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for wants a creative retreat… in their mind.

Why They’ll Love It: Inspiration creative books are a great way to get in touch with the creative inside, especially when you’re feeling stuck or need a philosophy change around making art.

Big Magic is a book I’ve read at least once and I’ve heard many others reread once a year. It is an exceptionally good book and some of Gilbert’s thoughts and approaches to writing I use in my own practice to this day.

46. Sound-canceling Headphones

Best for Writers in a Busy Household

We Recommend: Apple AirPods Pro

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for has a hectic household but needs silence to be productive.

Why They’ll Love It: Sound-canceling headphones are life changing for a writer. You can fully tune into your work and tune out all the distractions of daily life.

Our Apple AirPods Pros are incredible for getting into deep-focus work. Both I and Matt use them while working on content for our sites and while writing fiction. They genuinely do tune out the world.

47. Standing Desk Attachment

Best for Writers Who Want to Stand More Often

We Recommend: TechOrbits Computer Desk Converter

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for feels a bit fidgety sitting all day.

Why They’ll Love It: A standing desk can help to improve posture and reduce back pain from sitting all day. They have a bunch of other benefits too.

This converter fits right atop their existing desk so they won’t need to get rid of the desk they already own or make space for an additional desk in their office.

Alternatively, if the person you’re buying for needs a new desk you could upgrade them to a desk that converts to a standing desk. I’ve used the FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk at a previous position I held and it is super handy and easy to switch between standing and sitting.

48. Cellphone Lock Box

Best for the Unfocused Writer

We Recommend: ySky Portable Smart Auto Phone Timer Lock Box

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for struggles to stay off their phone and keep focused during writing time.

Why They’ll Love It: A phone lock box takes your phone out of the situation so you have no choice but to focus on putting words to paper.

We like the ySky Portable Smart Auto Phone Timer Lock Box because it has an emergency unlock feature, allows you to charge with keeping the phone locked, and it gives you options to partially or fully lock your phone.

49. Underdesk Treadmill

Best for the Writer Trying to Get More Steps In

We Recommend: Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is desperate to get in more steps without sacrificing writing time.

Why They’ll Love It: An underdesk treadmill will give them the opportunity to get more steps in almost without realizing it.

Do I have an underdesk treadmill? No. Do I want one? Heck yeah! And if I do make a purchase it will 100% be the Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill. After pouring over the different options available, this model seems to have the holy trinity of easy assembly, sleek design, and convertibility for running mode.

50. Laptop Privacy Screen

Best for Spicy Writers

We Recommend: SightPro 14 Inch Laptop Privacy Screen Filter

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for likes to keep their writing private but also enjoys writing with others or at coffee shops.

Why They’ll Love It: A privacy screen protects your WIPs from wandering eyes.

If you do go this route, be sure to get the correct screen size or it’ll be essentially useless.

51. Dragon Dictation

Best for Dictation

We Recommend: Dragon Dictation

You should gift this if the person you’re buying this for is trying to squeeze words out of every second of the day.

Why They’ll Love It: Dictation software allows you to write while you’re moving about or in the car or doing anything other than sitting at your keyboard.

Now, admittedly, I am no Dragon Dictation expert as of the time of writing. I haven’t dipped my toe into this world because it feels a bit like public speaking which terrifies me. However, I have heard so many great things about dictation and Dragon Dictation specifically that I had to include it.

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