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2021 Book of the Month Subscription Box Review

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I’ve been on the hunt for a book subscription box that will curate books I’ll love reading at an affordable rate. After spending plenty of hours comparing boxes, I came down to one box that seemed like the right fit. Enter: Book of the Month box. 

I’ve now received three boxes from Book of the Month and used their curated reads to inform two purchases from Amazon (we’ll delve into that in a minute). Here’s what I thought about the experience and what you should know before ordering your first box.

How Does Book of the Month Work?

Book of the Month has a team of curators who hand-pick books for you to choose from each month. You can select one book you’d like and additional add-on books (for an additional cost). You can add up to two add-on books each month for a total of three books delivered to your doorstep. The point is to get access to new releases and hardcovers for less than the typical cost.  

What Does Book of the Month Cost? 

At the time of writing, Book of the Month costs $14.99 per month for one book. Add-ons are $9.99 and shipping is free. At most, you’ll pay $34.97 per month if you select three books each month. 

How Often Do You Receive Book of the Month?

Book of the Month is a monthly subscription service. While you can skip months, at most you’ll only receive the box once monthly—hence, Book of the Month.

The Pros of Book of the Month

  • Hardcover, high-quality books
  • Wide selection, hand-picked
  • The online platform is useful

The Cons of Book of the Month

  • Each book has the Book of the Month logo on it
  • You can get some of the books for cheaper if you wait for the paperback
  • You can only grab three books a month (not great for heavy readers)

Book of the Month is Best For:

The question remains: is this book subscription right for you? Here’s who I would recommend subscribing to the Book of the Month box:

  • The busy bee who needs a curated selection of page-turners
  • The collector who loves hardback books
  • The bookworm who wants the latest books right now

Is Book of the Month Worth It?

I’ve been receiving monthly Book of the Month boxes for the past three months (paid by myself, not sponsored). I’ve loved each box I’ve received and have been more than satisfied with the selection of books. I don’t have time to keep up with the latest reads as I used to and Book of the Month brings acclaimed and intriguing books straight to my door. 

At $14.99 for new releases and $9.99 for add-ons, it’s not a bad deal. You can always skip months which I appreciate as well. If you don’t read much or you have a particularly picky taste in books, this box may not be for you.

Start With a Promo

Always, always, always look for a promo before starting any subscription. I started with a promo that took a few dollars off the cost of the book. They usually list promos at the top of their website which will bring the initial box down to $5 to $9.99, depending on the promo.

Follow my link here to sign up for your first month.   

Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Deal

Book of the Month often provides newer releases. This means if you’re eyeballing an add-on that’s been out for awhile you can likely find it cheaper somewhere else. Check out Amazon or a used bookstore for a cheaper copy of the older Book of the Month books. This is what I did for Final Girls and Severance, which were both available for a much lower price on Amazon. 

Book of the Month’s In-Depth Selection Review

The whole point of this subscription is the books that come in it. And I imagine you’re doing more than staring at their pretty covers (although some of them are quite gorgeous). Check back here for an updated review on each of the books I’ve read that have been curated by the team at Book of the Month. 

Atomic Love by Jennie Fields (December 2020)

3.5/5 Stars

Atomic Love was a sweet historical romance-focused read. I like the writing style and the concept of the story. It was a page-turning that I devoured quickly. My biggest gripes were with the characters themselves. The main character was a bit annoying and the focus was heavily on the romantic aspects of the story.

Severance by Ling Ma (December 2020)

4/5 Stars

This book was an incredible read that I couldn’t put down. It was intriguing and artfully written. As a writer myself, I found myself absorbed in the techniques Ma used to tell the story. While some of the plot points were headscratchers, I do recommend this book. 

Outlawed by Anna North (January 2021)

1.5/5 Stars

Outlawed has a fresh, intriguing premise that falls flat with lifeless characters and a flatlining plot. The first few chapters had me hooked and raving. I was hoping this would be my first five-star read of 2021—instead, I became increasingly uninterested as I read. The characters leave a lot to be desired and when important plot points are hit they are immediately glossed over. I really wanted to love this book but it just felt distant and lifeless. 

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