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Why Should You Read?

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Why do people read and what do we even get from the act of reading? Reading provides stress relief and entertainment. But more important than that, reading offers the ability to expand your knowledge on subjects, improve vocabulary, and stimulate the brain. You can also improve focus, comprehension, and analytical skills by reading more books. 

Unfortunately, not everyone holds reading to the same level of importance. In 2017, the average time spent reading a day was only 17 minutes. The average reader will be able to consume 5,000 words in that time frame. For perspective, the average novel will have roughly 300 words per page. This means most people are reading only 16 pages a day. 

It’s also recorded that only 19% of Americans read on a daily basis for leisure purposes. The good news is, 72% of American adults have read at least one book in the past twelve months and the average household will spend more than $100 dollars on literature annually. While this shows a decline from previous years, it shows people are still reading. The problem may not lie in people not wanting to read but rather finding the time to read and more importantly finding books that interest them. (It’s amazing the free time you can find when you want to finish an incredible read.) 

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t know what to read or when to find the time for reading, check out the following resources.

  • Whichbook – Used to help you pick out your next read
  • Lifehacks for finding more time to read

But, you don’t need to justify the time spent reading as a health choice or a self-development choice. It is completely alright to read just because you enjoy getting lost in a good story or learning about a new topic. Reading is meant to be fun. Now get out there and read a great book! If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend the Once Upon a Time book subscription or Book of the Month, both of which we’ve reviewed in-depth right here at She’s Got Plans.

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