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The 11 Best Writing Podcasts for All Types of Writers in 2023

Everyone seems to have a podcast these days and for writers, this means we have an entire theater of the mind to swan-dive into. Podcasts are all about resources, discussions, covering the latest news, and interviewing top talent in various niche fields. Podcasts are awesome—that’s the thesis statement. And writing podcasts are better. I did all the difficult and strenuous legwork of listening to hours upon hours of podcasts to narrow it down to the absolute best writing podcasts out there.

I wanted to approach this with a thoughtful and selective attitude. This means I outlined some requirements for the podcasts I would feature on this list. These criteria were by no means extensive but they were as follows:

  1. Must be an active podcast – By this, I’m not excluding podcasts that are on a season break. However, if a podcast hasn’t released a new update in a few years then it won’t be included in the list.
  2. Must be relevant for some type of writer – We cover a wide range of podcast types (because who wants to read about carbon copies of the same type of podcast twelve times in a row). The podcasts picked cover all corners of the writing world from the publishing industry to screenwriting and grammar to self-publishing.
  3. Must genuinely enjoy it – I don’t recommend things I don’t like or find quality in. If I would listen to this podcast outside of the research phase of this article then it deserves a spot on this list.
  4. Must be available on at least one major podcast platform – It can be aggravating to try and listen to a podcast only hosted on YouTube or via a website. That’s why I made sure all of the podcasts I’ve selected are available on a major podcast platform like Spotify (Where I personally listen to all my favorite podcasts.).

Ahead, we’ve listened through and highlighted the 11 best writing podcasts currently producing new and relevant episodes.

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1. The Creative Penn

Best Overall

If you’re into writing, you’ve likely heard of The Creative Penn. Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn runs both the site and hosts the podcast by the same name. This writing podcast covers writing, book marketing, and making money from writing. She often interviews people in the field which brings a wide variety of flavor to the podcast.

New episodes are released every Monday.

Must-listen episodes:

  • Changes in Publishing with Jane Friedman
  • Creating and Selling Books for Children with Daniel Miller

The podcast has over 650 episodes and is available on podcast apps including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and more. No matter where you like to enjoy your podcasts, The Creative Penn is likely there. Plus, there is such a massive backlog of episodes that it will take you a long time to catch up giving you plenty of binge-able materials.

Joanna Pen has written a number of non-fiction books for authors. We recommend taking a look at How to Write Non-Fiction: Turn Your Knowledge Into Words, The Healthy Writer, and How to Make a Living with Your Writing.

2. Print Run

Best for Professional Publishing Peeps

Print Run is a podcast focused on book and writing industries covering topics from culture, social ramifications in the industry, and more.

The hosts of this publishing industry podcast are not only amusing, but they also have the experience to make each episode a robust, vibrant look into publishing topics. Hosts Laura Zats and Erik Hane both work as literary agents and have held previous roles in other editorial positions.

The episodes seem to pop up somewhat sporadically. But there are 150+ episodes that you can find on Spotify.

Must-listen episodes:

  • Taste and Agency

Also, as an irrelevant side note, the Print Run opening reminds me of a Home Depot commercial. Don’t know why. Just thought I’d share. I’m curious though, did you get the same vibe?

3. Self Publishing Authors Podcast (The SPA Girls)

Best for Romance Authors

Self Publishing Authors Podcast or The SPA Girls is an incredibly fun podcast to tune into and it covers all corners of the writing world (specifically looking at romance). It’s not everywhere you’ll find people chatting about finding success with monster romance and short romance. This is a definitely must-listen podcast if you write romance.

Must-listen episodes:

  • SciFi Romance with Honey Phillips
  • Monster Romance with Lillian Lark
  • Mia Brody and Instalove Short Romance

This podcast is closing in on nearly 400 episodes. It is only available on Apple Podcast and Stitcher from what I can gather. However, you can also access all their episodes on their website.

If you want to further support this podcast or learn more about their methodology and background. Check out their book Kick Author Overwhelm to the Curb. Each of this dynamic quartet contributed to the book.

4. The Self Publishing Show Podcast

Best for Self-Published Authors (Aspiring and Current)

The Self Publishing Show Podcast is a weekly podcast that features interviews with indie authors, traditionally published writers, industry insiders, and more. The podcast has to do with everything publishing, covering topics from email marketing for authors to estate planning for authors.

Hosted by Mark Dawson and James Blatch, this podcast is a staple for any aspiring or current writer. Mark Dawson is likely best known for his John Milton series but also for his wealth of author marketing products. James Blatch is a more recently published author (as he took the POV of the newbie at the start of the podcast). His works include The Final Flight and Dark Flight.

I think one of this podcast’s strongest features is the sheer number of interviews they have. They are constantly speaking with all sorts of publishing industry pros who have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Must-listen episodes:

  • The Non-Fiction Publishing Plan with Stephanie Chandler
  • Victory with Kindle Vella with Krissi Dallas

This podcast has a backlog of over 350 episodes, giving you plenty to work through and a ton of writing gold to uncover.

5. Scriptnotes

Best for Screenwriters and TV Writers

Scriptnotes is a podcast for screenwriters and TV writers that focuses on hot topics, current events, and craft. They oscillate between industry discussions and how-to guides to improve your writing abilities in the TV and movie writing industries.

I’d say this podcast is especially useful for younger writers or writers who are early on in their careers.

This podcast is hosted by Craig Mazin and John August. Craig Mazin is a screenwriter and film director who created Chernobyl and The Last of Us. John August is also a screenwriter and director, as well as a novelist and producer. He is known for Charlie’s Angels and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is also the creator of Writer Emergency Pack and the author of the Arlo Finch series.

Must-listen episodes:

  • How Much Progress?
  • VFX Deep Dive

You can learn more about this podcast by visiting their website where they offer a premium subscription to Scriptnotes that includes bonus segments and episodes and the complete backlog of episodes. (There are well over 500.)

6. Doug.Show Podcast

Best for Bloggers and Niche Site Owners

This podcast is a more business-centric option that specifically focuses on blogging and niche or affiliate sites. The topics range from SEO to content management. It’s excellent for learning about the ins-and-outs of running and site but might not be the best fit for a fiction writer.

You can learn more about the podcast via its website or learn more about the host, Doug Cunnington at his personal site, Niche Site Projects.

Must-listen episodes:

  • Arielle Phoenix episodes
  • Full Time With a Food Blog – Audry Johns

You can catch episodes of the Doug.Show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Overcast. Doug also puts up many podcast episodes on his YouTube channel, in addition to other content.

The Doug.Show has surpassed 400 episodes and is on its way to a solid 450 at the time of writing.

7. Writer’s Routine

Best for Writers Who Are Trying to Find Their Stride

Writer’s Routine is self-described as an arts and culture podcast for writers. I feel that’s a fitting summary. Each episode focuses on one writer who chats about how they work, their routines, and related topics. If you’ve ever wondered how other writers work then this is the podcast for you.

This podcast is hosted by Dan Simpson. Simpson also hosts Science Weekly on Fun Kids which is a children’s radio station in the UK.

Must-listen episodes:

  • Lexie Elliott, author of ‘How to Kill Your Best Friend’
  • S.K. Tremayne, author of ‘The Drowning Hour’

I really love that this podcast isn’t just about authors (although authors are most prominently featured) but also includes episodes from journalists and screenwriters.

8. Wish I’d Known Then

Best for Beginner Writers

Wish I’d Known Then interviews authors during their episodes. (New ones are published a few times a month.) The focus is on indie authors with discussions around marketing, mistakes, and more.

Anytime you tap into the stories of indie authors I feel there is gold to be uncovered. Because indie authors handle all aspects of their publishing journey they become something of a jack of all trades. You’ll pick up tips on everything from editing to plotting to ads to cover design.

Must-listen episodes:

  • Karen McQuestion on Writing in Different Genres and Longevity in Publishing
  • Zoe York on Secret Pen Names, Iterating Your Goals, and TikTok for Authors

Wish I’d Known Then has put out more than 145 episodes, giving you plenty of episodes to listen through.

9. The Content Strategy Podcast

Best for Content Strategy Professionals

The Content Strategy Podcast interviews leaders and new voices from the content strategy field. This podcast is an excellent way to keep up with the industry or learn as a newbie to the field. It focuses on topics like UX, content ops, and accessibility.

Must-listen episodes:

  • Karen Kesler and Jonathan Foster, Microsoft – Building Content Teams
  • John Collins, Atlassian – Maturing content disciplines

The Content Strategy Podcast has aired 50 episodes.

10. Grammar Girl Quick + Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Best for Word Nerds

Grammar Girl has been named one of Writer’s Digest 101 best websites for writers and the podcast has been inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame. To say this is a good podcast for writers is an understatement. Not to mention it’s on the unique side.

This podcast, hosted by Mignon Fogarty, gives background on words and explores grammar. It’s for word nerds, plain and simple. And, chances are, if you’re a writer you’re likely a nerd when it comes to words.

I really enjoyed the episode ‘Goblin Mode, Woman, & More Words of the Year, with Kory Stamper.

With over 900 episodes (that’s a heck of a lot of episodes!) this podcast backlog will keep you entertained for a long time coming. Check it out on Spotify or wherever you prefer to listen.

11. The Copyblogger Podcast

Best for Content Marketing Professionals

The Copyblogger Podcast publishes new episodes weekly. It focuses on copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, and other more business-forward topics. If you’re a creative writer then this is definitely not going to be a podcast you’ll enjoy. (Well, maybe. Give it a listen and see for yourself. You might find a new writing love.)

The hosts, Ethan Brooks and Tim Stoddart are exuberant and fun to listen to. It’s a very business-focused podcast that is excellent for professional writers, specifically those of the content marketing lean.

Must-listen episodes:

  • Jordan DiPietro: How to Scale and Produce for Paid Websites

There is a hefty catalog of old episodes to listen to. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Honorable Mentions

Let’s be real: There are so many incredible podcasts and audio writing resources that it is an insane task to condense it to just 11 options. That’s why I included these honorable mentions because, while they don’t fit my predetermined criteria, they’re still pretty awesome and I 100% want you to check them out.

The Writing Gals

The Writing Gals has been an incredible resource for me as an indie author. Listening to these ladies from their early stages four years ago to now, they have truly grown an impressive bit both professionally as writers and within the community they’ve fostered.

The Writing Gals is likely best known for their Facebook group of the same name which is a resource for any writer at any stage. Plus, it’s just a super welcoming community.

This didn’t rank in the roundup because it isn’t a podcast hosted on a typical podcast platform. It’s only available on YouTube at the time of writing. Most of their “podcasts” are now classified as Lives within the YouTube structure so you’ll want to look there for their newest content.

I’ve watched this group of talented women evolve over the years. What started as four has morphed into three. They all focus on sweet romance and have different backgrounds to bring to the table.

The episodes are hosted by:

Victorine E. Lieske, a NYT bestselling author who has written The Billionaire Club series, the Rockford High series, and more.

Michelle Pennington, a USA Today Bestselling author who writes clean romance across genres. She is the author of the Christmas in Willow Falls series among many other books.

Laura Burton, a sweet romance author who has written the Billionaires in the City series among other books.

Anne-Marie Meyer, a sweet romance author who wrote The Rules of Love and The Red Stiletto Book Club. She has since left The Writing Gals as a host.

Judy Corry, a USA Today bestselling author and writer of both YA and contemporary romance. She has written the Eden Falls Academy series and the Rich and Famous Romance series. She has since left The Writing Gals as a host.

Some of my favorite previous podcast episodes are:

  • Episode 3: Writing to Market Using Tropes
  • Episode 14: Newsletters with Lindzee Armstrong
  • Episode 38: Author Taxes with Bridget Baker Part 1 and Part 2

It was so difficult narrowing that down because pretty much every episode I’ve listened to has contained writing gold. Go give them a listen, it’s seriously a valuable resource for indie authors everywhere.

Also of note: The original quartet wrote The Writing Gals Discuss: Writing to Market if you want to get a synopsis of some of their best advice on creating a full-time income from writing.

Intentionally Blank

Intentionally Blank is a podcast hosted by Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells. Both are incredibly successful authors and while the podcast doesn’t center on writing, I think that listening to writers talk about anything can be useful. The overall theme seems to be nerd culture which I’m here for.

The episodes are hosted by Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells.

Brandon Sanderson is a science fiction and fantasy writer who has become wildly popular. He has written Skyward and Mistborn, among many other works.

Dan Wells is the author of I Am Not a Serial Killer and Next of Kin.

This podcast has over 80 episodes as of the end of 2022. You can find it almost anywhere podcasts are served although I have been listening to it on YouTube. This, coincidentally, is also where Sanderson’s lectures are hosted which are a must-watch for writers. Honestly, Sanderson’s entire YouTube catalog of content is gold, give it a look-see.

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