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For Writers

Being a writer isn’t always as simple as putting words on a page. There’s so many types of writers. That’s why we have scoured the internet, talked to the experts, and collected the research on a number of creative career paths. We’re saving you time so you can focus on making your dreams happen.

51 Best Gifts for Writers, According to Professional (and Hobby) Writers

This gift guide provides numerous fresh ideas for gifting your writerly friends and family members.

A Comprehensive List of Job Boards for Writers

Finding work as a writer is a process that never ends, especially if you freelance or pick up contracts. No matter your writer type, these are the places to look for work.

17 Common Fanfiction Tropes We All Know & Love (Mostly)

Fanfiction tropes have some crossover with general fiction tropes, but there are certainly some standouts. We cover 17 in this guide.

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For Readers

Calling all readers! Time is precious. Don’t waste yours on books or products that aren’t for you. We’ve got your back to help you get the most from your reading time. We review books and highlight products readers are sure to love.

Battle of the Devices: Kindle vs. iPad

Are you a Kindle or iPad girly? Take a look at this in-depth comparison guide to find out, including info on cost, specs, and more.

Is Book of the Month Worth It? [2022]

Book of the Month is known for introducing readers to new authors and genres. But is it worth it? We break down the details.

Once Upon a Book Club Review

Once Upon a Book Club makes reading an even more immersive experience. Make your reading extra special with this book box.

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Personal & Professional Development

Money matters. Don’t waste yours on products you’re not so sure about. We try the latest and greatest software, planning products, and other organizational favorites. Follow along and get ready to discover new and exciting experiences and products.

10 Marketing Jobs for Introverts (With Salaries)

Introverts can thrive in the marketing industry just as well as any extrovert.

19 Best Desk Toys to Entertain Your Inner Child

Spruce up the space you spend your time working with these desk toy recs.

How Much Do Video Game Writers Make?

Game writing is a dream for many. Here’s what game writers can expect to make.