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Do Wattpad Writers Get Paid?

Yes, at the time of writing, writers on Wattpad can get paid for their work. But, there’s a catch. (Isn’t there always?) Wattpad started as a platform for writers to gather, share their work, and improve their craft. The paid portion for most writers has come from publishing opportunities based on their popularity on the platform with the recent addition of Wattpad Futures opening up the doors to income for many of the platform’s more successful writers.

Wattpad Paid Stories

The current Wattpad Paid Stories program is invite-only at this time. This is the existing program in place that allows writers to make money on their work. Wattpad Paid Stories, along with Wattpad Books and Wattpad Stars, replaced the failed Wattpad Futures program.

Wattpad Futures

Wattpad Futures was an invite-only program that has since been permanently closed. This program allowed invited writers to monetize their work with ads on the platform. It was shut down due to issues with consistency.

Wattpad Books

Wattpad Books is Wattpad’s publishing house that pulls its top performing stories and publishes them in print. This offers authors an opportunity to get paid and have their work in bookstores.

Is Publishing on Wattpad Worth It?

If you’re looking to be a professional author who makes enough to partially or completely replace their day job, Wattpad is likely not the best option. There are other options for publishing work, like Amazon KDP, Amazon Vella, and KISS, that are far better for serious writers.

However, if you are a younger writer who is just getting started in the growing world of online fiction publishing, then Wattpad isn’t a terrible way to get your feet wet. It’s a way to connect with other writers, learn the dos and don’ts through trial and error, and nurture your inner creative. You should also check out programs like NaNoWriMo.

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