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Anna Wintour MasterClass Review on Creativity and Leadership [2022]

Anna Wintour’s MasterClass is one that I’ve placed in my favorites list and I think you will too. She provides a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to those who want to work in fashion, in publishing, or those who are looking to find success on any career path.

She is honest and blunt about her circumstances and what she’s done to accomplish her goals. There’s something quite elegant about her and for creative women (and men, alike) she makes an incredible role model.

Check out what I thought about her MasterClass in the review below.

Who Is Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is a certifiable badass to start with. She’s a British-American journalist (who I could listen to talk for hours) and has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988. In 2020, she became the Global Chief Content Officer for Condé Nast. Beyond being a journalist, she has also published a book. Today, she is one of the most influential and powerful individuals in the fashion industry.

What Ann Wintour’s MasterClass Covers

Anna Wintour’s MasterClass gives you a front-row seat to learn how Wintour leads her team and creates unapologetic and creative stories.

Class Length

This MasterClass is 12 lessons long and runs for 2 hours and 36 minutes making it a fairly normal size for one of MasterClass’s more succinct courses. This can easily be watched in an afternoon or over the course of a weekend. It covers a decent range of topics and leaves you with an idea of where to get started if you’re interested in going into publishing or fashion.

Lesson List

This MasterClass consists of the following 12 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Getting the Work Done: Anna’s Management Tips
  • Starting Out: Finding Your Voice and Succeeding
  • Inside Vogue: Leading With a Vision
  • Editorial Decision-Making
  • Executing a Vision: Transforming the Met Gala
  • The Power of an Image: Photographers and Models
  • Evolving a Brand: A Look Back at Iconic Vogue Covers
  • Designers: What It Takes to Succeed
  • Spotting Designer Talent: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund
  • Case Studies: Lessons From Creative Leaders
  • Leading With Impact

Class Price

MasterClass has created a somewhat new tiered membership. The lowest is only $180 per year which comes out to $15 per month. But, be warned, they advertise the monthly costs but only give you the option to pay for a full year upfront. The thought process makes sense to avoid people paying $15 for a single month, having a binge session to end all binge sessions, and then canceling the next month. However, $180 can be steep for some people.

The prices for memberships are currently as follows in 2022 at the time of writing:

  • Individual – $15/mo or $180
  • Duo – $20/mo or $240
  • Family – $23/mo or $276

Course Materials

This class comes with a 35-page guidebook. This book breaks down all the topics covered in the book in great detail. The structure makes it one you can’t necessarily skim but if you don’t want to read the entire book you can hop around between sections.

What We Liked

Anna Wintour is well-spoken and has much to share with an audience. This makes this class interesting for those from various backgrounds. I liked how this MasterClass took you through quite a few areas of publishing and fashion while also giving advice for young professionals that actually felt realistic.

What We Didn’t Like

I wish there had been more applicable knowledge and direction for the learner. This was a MasterClass that felt much more like an interview or documentary rather than a course. I would have liked to have seen more assignments and tasks for the student.

How to Get the Most Out of This Class

To get the most out of this MasterClass, you should watch both the video portion and read through the guidebook. If you’re looking for the short version of this course I recommend you watch the lessons up until the one on previous covers as the lessons that proceed it give you a more generalized view of magazines, publishing, and fashion.

Who Is This MasterClass Best For?

This MasterClass is an excellent option for young professionals, writers, those aspiring to work in publishing, and those who are curious about fashion. If you’re interested in Anna Wintour as a person and professional you’ll take a lot away from this course as she talks quite a bit about her experiences and her journey to where she is today.

Who Is This MasterClass Not For?

If you’re already established in your career and you have zero interest in publications or fashion, this MasterClass will likely be lacking. Your best bet it to scan through the guidebook and review the lesson list to hand-pick any bits that are applicable to your situation.

Similar MasterClasses You Might Like

Creativity and leadership classes are fairly popular on MasterClass so once you’ve finished up with Anna Wintour’s class you’ll have a number of options to jump into next.

If you like Anna Wintour’s MasterClass, you’ll likely enjoy the following:

  • Laura Kim & Fernando Garcia – Creative Collaboration and Fashion
  • Diane von Furstenberg – Building a Fashion Brand
  • Elaine Welteroth – Designing Your Career
  • Robin Roberts – Effective and Authentic Communication
  • Bob Iger – Business Strategy and Leadership

Final Takeaway – 10/10

I walked away from this MasterClass with more intensity in my step, more ambition in my goals, and more determination to boot. This MasterClass was an excellent look into being an editor and taking on the fashion industry.

While I don’t personally care to take on the fashion industry and I doubt I’ll work in publishing in the same way she has, I found I had lots to learn from this icon. I recommend this MasterClass to all young professionals, especially those who want to work in publishing in some capacity.

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